Furry Spot began in 2011 because of owner Dania Maida’s love for a little chihuahua named Prince. Raising Prince from a puppy, Dania carefully tended to every aspect of his life, from his diet and grooming to his playtime and exercise, even planning elaborate birthday parties for her pampered pooch.

As a professional who traveled for a living, Dania was often faced with the dilemma of leaving Prince with a dog sitter for extended periods of time. The stress of finding that right person to love and care for her dog the same way that she did was overwhelming. Often Dania had to leave Prince with her Mom when she couldn’t find that right person. As Dania decided to put her jet-setting days behind her, the passion for her own dog and her friends and family’s pets struck a chord in Dania that grew into Furry Spot

In her past life, Dania traveled the world on tour as the personal assistant to Latin rock-star Juanes. She has extensive experience in the Latin Music Industry, and has also worked with Julio & Enrique Iglesias and others. When she’s not busy with the animals, Dania enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter who is a budding actress.

Furry Spot is a bonded & insured boutique-style Pet Care Business. At Furry Spot we give each and every pet the special time and attention they need. We customize your pets’ experience to your needs.

We offer:
• Daily Walks (morning, afternoon & evening)
• Park Play
• In-Home Boarding/Pet Sitting
• Pet Taxi
• Birthday Parties & Events
• Pooper Scooper Service
& More…